Audiowizard I need a little help here!


1982 Regal 4.1
Sep 20, 2001
Painting amps?

I was admiring Gary Biggs Regal and his amp tub, that thing is nice. But anyway I noticed that his zr240s are purple. I like that even more. What kind of paint is used for painting the amps? Are they powder coated or just sprayed with some type of high temp paint?

When he came down to visit me a couple of weeks ago, that was one of the questions I forgot to ask him :eek: . I will give you his e-mail addy at kicker so you can get a direct answer from him:

He will answer any questions that you might have but it may take a while for him to get back with you because of all the competition vehicles he is building including "Team Gates" SPL Ford Bronco. He should be calling me this weekend and if he does, I will ask him about the amps and get back to ya :cool: .
You know i did read somewhere that he did work for kicker, I bet they painted or even powder coated them for him. Thanks for the address I will get a hold of him. If you do find out plz let me know.......
I shot G Biggs a message. He said that he painted them with regular car paint. I'm going to give it a shot, I'll let you know how it turns out.