Auto Hail Dents repair in South Atlanta GA


Let loose the Boost!!
Hey guys, We are set up in the ABRA Auto body shop in Fayetteville, GA repairing hail damaged cars. If yours got it, come see us.

Cheney Bro's


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Will you guys come to Kansas,, we get Hammered 3-4 times EVERY year,,, with few mobile repair centers:cool:
I want to see the repaired pics

when u get finished with that car. Heh heh heh- just kidding Jason and Alan
I just aquired a new GN to me....a daily driver that that desperately needs your touch... I was just saying to my self this car would look great if the Cheney Bros would do their thing to it..Im considering the drive..

Any plans to come further south? LOL..

The guys still talk about the dent repair you did on the race car....
Louie, if you go, haul it up there with my truck. I have a door ding on my drivers door that badly needs their touch. For those that don't know, the Cheney brothers do excellent work!!
Awesome!! Thanks guys! I hope we get to go to FL soon, havent been in years. its freakin cold here in GA too. I need a nice sunny FL vacation :cool: