B&M shifter


Just starting
Aug 1, 2005
I know a few people posted this before including myself, but im interested in getting a b&m setup for my car but Dont know if its as simple as getting a kit and puttin it in??? could anyone please help me here!! If anyone has pictures ?I would love to see ehat you guys have!! Thanks kevin
if your talking about the b+M quicksilver

i have one in my 86 ,
had to remove the front shifter mounting pad from the floor (drill out spot welds)
drill 4 holes to mount shifter (i used self tap screws rather than use nuts and bolts )

drill a 5/8" hole for the cable (unibit works good for this)

run cable through floor and attach the cable retainer clips to the floor

mount their trans bracket for the cable

if you take your time fitting it up the shifter will stick through the stock console plate without having to do any mods to the console or the plate
Stuff for our cars were limited even when they were new. If you want a direct fit like their console models then you're out of luck. The only ones I was aware of that fit our cars have been discontinued. Might find one on line from a private seller or at a swap meet. They still make them for 700R4's in F-bodys but I don't know if they will fit our mounts. I'm sure they won't fit the console without mods though. Either way you're probably going to have to "make something work".
nothing bolt in like they had for the second gen firebird that fit like OE and just boled in where the old came out

but still some stuff available if you want something other than stock

B&M 80683 - B&M QuickSilver Shifters - summitracing.com

hurst also makes the quarterstick too that will fit . just installed one for a reverse 400 and one for a 200-4r .. definitely not an out of the box bolt right in deal ... requires cutting up the console (under the shift plate ) , and the shifter plate (and theres no template for any of the cutting). 6you also need to using the bottom portion of the stock shifter (after you completely disassemble it) to mount it to the floor and some shift bracket mods(welding) at the trans if you want to retain the lockout to the column . (buickgn.com sells an applique to help make it look more stock fitting if you go this route... and more trimming for fit )
Do you have any pictures that I could see??? and I was thinking about getting the Megashifter, So what you guys are saying is thats its too much of a pain in the ass????