[B]Need some big help with the rear end of my car...[/B]


C. Horel
Sep 8, 2003
Hey, Guys I need some big help here.

My rear end sounds like it going out.. for example theres like a grinding sound when the tire moves on the ground that you can here inside the car while its moving.. another is it sounds like something back there has broke and everytime i go over the slightest bump it sounds like the tire is slapping the ground.. the last thing that is bugging me that something is going on back there is when i release the accelrator theres this sound like it bangs around, but when there is pressure back there while im going i doesnt make a sound. I think there is some slack in the back and it just where the drive shaft connects to the rear end that makes some of the sound...

Ok now what im thinking of doing is purchasing a new rear end.. but what i need to know is what kind of rear end is a good setup and where is the best place to get one.. i was thinking of doing it myself to try and save some money, anyone think thats a smart idea.. also im looking for something that will hold around 500 hp so its not breaking on me when i upgrade parts later.. Also i heard that the eaton parts for the rear end are pretty good any suggestions on that.. i need help somewhat quick since this is my daily driver and i dont have another car. also what is all the parts that i would need to redo the rear end..

Thanks in advance for any help that you guys can give me...
First get the rear of the car on stands. Support the center of the rear with a jack until it is close to your ride height. Now first check the Ujoints, At the rear end grab the axle, and the rear pinion and twist opposite of each other. If there is any play you need ujoints. Also while under there check all your control arm bushings. If they looked cracked broken or peices missing then you need new ones. Also grab ahold of the arms and move them around as hard as you can. If you feel any movement then bushings. If all of this checks out OK then you might have to open up the rear diff and see what you find in there.