back from the track guys [ new time ]


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I want to the track , it was nice and cold i ran 40psi fuel press and 15 psi of boost on the first run , this is my time.

ET1/4 13.50
speed 103.10
60ft 2.05 330ft 5.68
1/8 8.71 1000ft 11.30

Ok so i was happy with it for 15psi but i lined up next to a z28 camaro with dot tires on it. He was talking trash about my car to his buddys , so i had a car move i got next to him.

I turned my waste gate in 1 1/2 turns and up the fuel press a little to be safe. I heated the tires big time , got up to the light and we just pre staged and he just keeps looking at me like he is going to beat me bad. To make a long storie short these are the times.

85 gn rt .839 camaro rt .610
60ft 1.89 60ft 1.98
330ft 5.37 330ft 5.72
1/8 8.25 1/8 8.82
1000ft 10.72 1000ft 11.49

1/4 et 12.80 1/4 et 13.78
speed 108.58 98.93

:D Not onlly did i beat him it was not even close. this was at 22 psi of boost with no knock on 110 cam2 and 25% 93 pump gas . I am very happy with this for not being tuned what so ever.

Iwish i had a scan tool and my 110 chip in it to see what it would realy do.:)

thanks guys for all your help, and getting my time to drop from 15.33 to 12.80. 90mph to 108 mph you guy are ok in my book.
hell yea ...sweet

thats cool for first time out with a street chip thats flying.

guess you got mee..:)

told you you'd go faster than i was.. now maybe you believe me.

Step back and think about this, you have a 12 sec ride.!!!!!!!!

Tune that puppie and you have a REAL low 12 sec. ride.

Great MPH.

Plus beating up on a F-body:D

That's a good trip to the track.

Thanks guys its a great weekend, :D thanks to a lot of you i have a 12sec ride . It took a long time and was making me go crazy but iam to happy with the car now. Icant wait to get the 110 chip in and tune this car and see what it will do.

Reds let me know if your going to the track at mir sunday, i talked to some guys last night they said it could be 10-14 going with buicks.

take care guys, kevin
fNice times and good kill. You should really post your kill in the kill section. It's always interesting to see the responses when a hotair makes a kill.
Hey Kevin,
Tell me a little more about your car. Externals? turbo,etc. Any internals? cam,...
It gives me hope to keep pluggin away.
mike70gtx keep on it man these cars are alsome when they run good. If you look on my other post [ guess a track time ] my mods are on there.

back to the track today at the import vs any thing non import .

take care guys
Way to go! Love to see the hot air cars running up to their potential. Don't forget to give her lots of treats, and tell her you love her even when she has an off day. Later.........Danny
Hey iam back from the import race, i only got 1 run in. At 20psi boost and i uped the fuel press more and this is what me and the other gn i was racing ran.

Me 86-87gn
r/t .351 . .380
60' 2.108 1.760
330' 5.591 5.131
1/8 8.482 @ 85.14 7.94@ 87.38
1000' 10.964 10.42
1/4 13.055 @ 107.69 12.519 @ 107.80

I got a little knock 1-2 lights and it has a little mis i think the o2 sensor it seems the does not like to stay running. Anyway what is going on with the bottom end , i ran a little slower in the 1/8 but about the same in the 1/4. Is it that the car is not tuned and its killing my bottom end . I have a oil leak now it looks to be coming from the rear main seal
:( take care guys
Good job. Nice to see it is running for you. 103mph with 15psi huh? Just had to ring my own bell. Keep these 84/85's hauling out.
all i can say is#%#$&%*(%^%#@$(((^

what he didnt tell you is the only other buicks that got to run were two i/c cars and they were turning the same mph he did.

200 4r trannys suck....:mad:
Maybe one day i'll get a scan tool and tune this thing and show some of the intercooled guy whats up. Maybe even your intercooled car if you give me a 1/8 mile start.:D Hope you get that car running before the tracks close i have to see what it will do.

Thats a sweet setup it looks alsome under the hood, one day i'll have some money to do the same thing [ i know who to call].

Iam trying to get my scan tool this week all the tracks will be closed soon. I have to get 12.50 or better ;)

fri- 12.80@108.5
Wow, and a month ago you were tempted to use dynamite for your next mod! ;)

And me, my car is sitting needing a rebuild, and I made the dumb mistake of going to the Vegas shindig and watching all the fast iron tear ass down the track...

so, guess what I wanna do now? (heh heh heh)
I am going to try to hit the track one more time before they close. I'll be droping the air press in the tires this time was was running 43psi in them . A new o2 sensor sould help to.