Backlog on SMC kits?


I'm gonna floor it!!!!
May 25, 2001
Hey guys, I was just wondering how long it took you guys to get your kits. I ordered mine like 3 weeks ago and it didn't come in yet. I'm not bitching at all, but I just wanna get it hooked up to see how my car runs:) I'm sure Steve is doing his best to fill my order, and it will be worth the wait in the end....;)
ordered mine about the same time.havent recieved it yet.Steve told me it would be about 3 weeks.
2 weeks here for me and a buddy with a turbo stang.

No sweet though. It's still raining up here in the NorthWest and Turbo ThunderIII is ways off.
LAst time I talked to him it was like a month waiting list. I should be recieving mine today or tomorrow, he billed me the 20th and I think I talked to him the 21st or 22nd and he said he had already shipped it out. Guess we'll see. Can't wait to get it!
Id it what you expected? I have a '92 AWD Talon that I've been thinking about getting one for. In addition to the one I ordered for the GN.
havent got my engine back in my car yet due to my tranny needing to be rebuilt so I cant comment for it on my car, but for DSM's I have talked to people and they say they can run mid 20 psi on pump and it works wonders..
Sweet. My buddy with the Turbo Stang might not put his on after all so, I might buy his. Good luck on the MR2 project.
Yeah, hope to run high 11s, low 12's on pump gas with this out of a lil 2.0 4 cylinder :) Also I forgot to mention when they use the injection they actually see less knock counts in their datalogging software then they do when they use race gas... Good luck with your DSM, i used to own a 92 Tsi :cool: