Bad Cop,No Donut

As an ex-police officer of 8 years I detest a website such as this. Why dont they have "Bad teacher, no apple?" or "Bad chef, no filet knife"?

And yes..before any detractors out there say "But they are the police..shouldnt they be better?" Yes, I agree 100%. But people tend to forget that a police officer is also human...not a machine. They have bad days, bills to pay, bad relationships, problems with their kids, etc.... I dont think making a spectacle out of their problems is something worthwhile.

By far that percentage of officers that fall in this category is very, very low. All of the officers I ever had the privalege to work with were fine upstanding people trying to make a living on low pay and doing it for a mostly unappreciative population. After walking in those shoes for so many years it pains me to see a profession disgraced by this website.

JUst my opinion.