Bad day in Dallas...

Chuck Leeper

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Anyone remember where/what they were doing that day?
I was on duty at the "Test Squadron", Westover, AFB, Mass that day.
We immediately went to full base lockdown, and the B52's were launched... Hot, with the "real shit" in the bomb bays.
Due to the nature of our "tests", we got an extra layer of protection.
Our barracks were right next to the nuc bomb dump. It was really busy the next few days!
Scary stuff.
I was only 8 yrs old , but I do remember the whole school going to gym for the announcement of his death .
It's funny it's been a long time but I remember getting on the school bus to go home and hearing about it to this day. What's funny? I remember it so well but the whole day was not funny at all. A very sad day in America
I was 4 and can remember my Mom crying. I also remember the funeral procession TV coverage. I didn't understand what was going on but I new people were extremely sad.
I know it was a tragic event that shocked the nation and the world, but I don't remember it at all. I was still a future human at that point. It's rare these days that I'm the youngest one in a conversation. Thanks, you geezers for hanging around and sharing history with us youngins.
Ya I was -10 myself.. from a distance it looked like there was an optimistic spirit in our country at that time, so the contrast would've been that much more of a gut punch? Where as now, sad to say but when unthinkable shit hits the news we're really not too surprised.