Bad Restart When Engine Hot


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hey everyone,
been a while since i have been in the forums. the gn has been performing flawlessly since the head gaskets have been replaced, and the heads ported. now all of a sudden out of thin hot air i have a restart problem. seems if i start the vehicle cold she starts right up no problem. if i shut her down when i am out driving her around and make a stop, turn her off, do my errand, then try to restart, she cranks and cranks. i stop, try again 15 minutes later, she cranks just fine but it takes some laying on the gas pedal to get her started. anyone have any clue what this might be? sure could use your help!!
It might be your injectors bleeding into the cylinders, getting your plugs wet, not allowing for a warm start. if you have a fuel pressure guage, check to see how fast the fuel pressure drops after shut down; if it drops fast, you have a problem. if it stays steady and holds for a while, then something else is wrong. also check to see if the harmonic balancer or the crank sensor have come loose. check your plugs for fouling, oil or gas soaking. :(

good luck!:biggrin:
hot restart

thanks!! definitely will do this asap. maybe just for my sanity i need to install a fuel pressure gage in the injector rail.
I had that very same problem many yrs ago when I owned my 84. Exactly the same, drive, shut off, no start, It sounded like it was cranking fine but no way would it start. I would have to wait 20 or 30 minutes, then fired right up. My solution: I changed my starter and never had a problem again. I can only surmise the starter gets weak. Like I said it sounded like it cranked fine. Battery was fully charged and everything. Go with the starter I bet thats it. HTH

Try what 84turbo suggests to of course, I can't assume to be right, only stating from my experience.