bad tap


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Jun 11, 2001
with a head gasket i would blow some smoke right, i just put new LT1 springs on a few weeks ago do you think there could be a problem with a spring or rock, lifter maybe .It starts when it gets hot do you think it needs a oil change ,what wt oil do most people run in these cars.maybe i need some elec fans.

bad tap
Bad news!!!!

If you have a lifter going out on your motor you better get on it quick! They quickly dissentegrate into small metal shavings that will go throughout your oil passages. You will lose your main bearings and rod bearings.

I would cease running the motor until you can identify the problem. If you lost a lifter you'll identify it quickly by removing the valve covers and rotating the motor by hand. You'll see the rocker arm with alot of slop or not lifting.

This happened to me... took out the main bearings.
I was thinking that, it sound like its under the intake but did not know it would do that. It taps on and off, but when it tap it sounds like its mising maybe the valve not opening all the way from the lifter.

thanks buddy this is a lot of help i'll check right away.
hey I just replaced my springs with Lt1s also and I have the same problem my engine taps when it gets hot for some reason. it was running fine before I changed springs let me know what you find out about yours .
If you guy's cars are above 100k miles, and you're still on the original timing chain and gears, it's highly likely that you're sucking pieces of nylon gear teeth thru the baffle in the oil pump intake screen! These pieces will gather around the intake hole and block enough oil flow to cause lifter tick!

Here's a quickie troubleshooting test you can do...after it starts ticking, shut it down for ONE minute, then re-start. If it DOESN'T tick immediately on re-start, chances are you have gear teeth in the oil intake! (The teeth will fall away from the intake passage, allowing enough oil pressure [briefly] to stop the tick!)

If it DOES tick immediately on re-start, then you more than likely have another problem, as Louie suggests! The new springs CAN take out old lifters!
Good thinking that is what mine is doing it tap then i shut it off to let it cool done and theres no tap when i restart it. My lifters are a little worn and have pits in them , going to replace cam and lifters and timing chain. Do i have to pull the motor to get to the oil pump mine seems like it takes a long time to start to pump oil .

oil pump is in the front cover, and if it's taking a long time to pump, gear teeth in the pump intake is still my final answer!

good luck!
Great than i dont have to pull the pan alsome, i have comp cams 206 cam , lifters , and duel timing chain coming this week i'll let you know what i find. Is there any thing i should do or look for when i pull the cam and timing chain , or any thing else that i should replace now that it is apart.

thanks for all the help,