Bad Trans Mount?


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Jun 13, 2006
So since we picked up the bone stock Turbo T limited it has had a slight tick. Not a lifter tick....almost sounded like a cracked flywheel tick. The sound of the tick is relative to rpm...higher the rpm..faster the tick.

Any who it hasn't been a high priority to look at yet seeing as the car isn't driven much now that it's cold. Couldn't find my keys to my wrx today so was forced to take it to work. As I merged onto the freeway fairly stout I ended up getting stuck in rush hour about 2 miles up. I immediately noticed a swinging rear end wobble....this was definitely not there before. It's not horrible but its significantly noticeable...and with it the tick noise got slightly less audible.

Does this sound like a bad trans mount? I'm going to put the car up when I get off work today and go home. Going to drive it really easy home.
Hmmmm....the ticking sound can also be a cracked exhaust manifold, the crank sensor hitting the interrupter ring. Check your rear tires, maybe it might have a flat spot from sitting which will make your car wobble. If not check all the control arm bushings. I have seen cars with crappy Trans mount run fine except when you try to launch the car. I will say check your tires first.