Band-aid motor

Need a cheap motor for a regal or any project you got setting around? Here you go. Ive had a bunch of parts setting on the shelf after numerous engine builds and at the time I had a 86 regal that needed a motor. So I put together this little budget piece just to get it driving again but have since sold the car so no need for it anymore. Info:
It is a 85 NA 3.8 "290" block. It is on std fresh honed. New rod and main bearings. nonturbo crankshaft one rod journal was out of tolerance so it was turned .010" and received the appropriate bearing so yes five rod journals are std and one is on .010" I know that will scare several people away but keeping in mind what this motor was going to be (~120hp occasional driver) and keeping things cheap this was the best option. It does have the factory rods and pistons from my 87GN with new moly rings. Also a new factory replacement 87GN camshaft with new lifters. Front cover was rebuilt with new stock oil pump and new factory timing set. Cylinder heads are 8445's with all brand new valves and new factory GN springs. Comes with a Edelbrock 4bbl carb intake as the regal it was going in was just going to be carb/NA. Also includes a nice set of tall valve covers off my GN, the paint is not perfect but they are in great shape.
Price- Everything for $400!!
I really do not want to mess with shipping this thing, its not worth enough to crate it up and spend hundreds on shipping. Im in north AL, I may drive a little to meet but its not gonna be very far. Thanks all!