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Hey all, i just finished the system in my GN, changed alot around and want to see if anyone has any of those Bass CD's which is manly bad music with a TON of bass in it. I have a bunch of tapes from when i had a system in an older car (obviously) but cant justify the cost of the CD's if i have the tapes already. If anyone has the CD it is legal for me to have a copy of it since i do own most of the tapes :)

i will pay for the shipping :)

Bass CD

Does your computer have a CD burner? If it does-go to Audio Galaxy and you can download all the bass songs you want. Just do a search for "Bass" or "Deep Bass" and it will pull up hundreds of songs . Hope this helps.:)
look for IBP (innovative bass productions) I have a few of their cd's, they are pretty good. Its none of the rap crap, mostly instumental with bass mixed in.
Techmaster PEB. TONS of bass, and some good songs too. I think the album is Bass Computer 2000...not sure, I can find out though, I have it. Bass Mechanik (the 2 CD set) is also a bass filled cd. One cd is just a test/tune cd (sine wave's in 0.5Hz increments, sweeps, etc) and the second cd is actual music.

Urban Beats, or is it Urbal of the two. Its a techno cd, it also has many good songs, rockin techno with some good bass content. Its more of a techno cd than a bass cd though.

The Crystal Method - Vegas is a good choice also. Lots o bass, and AWESOME songs, its one of my favorite albums (of all formats). Prodigy - Fat of the Land is also a good choice.

Get a CD with so techno bass (electronically produced) so you get those speaker blowing LOWS!!!!!