Bay Area Group

I am in East Bay (Berkeley area), just recently brought my GN up here. Would be great to meet some folks in the area
I'm in the Sacramento area looking to find some people in the buick Gn world..
If i see another car show I will let you know, just went to a chili/salsa cookoff car show in rodeo a couple weeks ago which was fun. Usually we have shows untill november around here east bay. Martinez used to have good meets for car guys, im just getting back on road again. Ill lyk
I need a good mechanic in the East Bay ... Don't want to tow it to Mizzi's just yet ...
Anybody know what's going on with Mizzi's ? last I heard he was taking his shop to Vacaville on private property.
I just asked my buddy that lives up there and he said last he heard he is still in Fairfield on edge of vacaville.