BBad TTA ... [ fastest stock tta ??? ]


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Jul 7, 2001
Well, i just had to make a post and brag about one hell of a friday night we had at the drag strip. My previous best time was 11.46@122.95 with a red armstrong 107 chip at 28 # boost. I traded up for a reds 106 chip and cranked the boost, made 3 passes.... 11.56@120.85 [1.78 60ft/30#], 11.39@121.46 [1.65 60ft/30#], then my final pass; 11.18@122.68 [1.60 60ft/31#], my 1/8 mile was 7.18@97.76!!! Un#@%&ing believable!!!! OK here's the build-up;......89 TTA w/ 9,400 original miles, T/A60 turbo w/ precision .85, 15 row stock location i/c, buick club valve springs, hemco w/ stock throttle body[62mm], MSD 50s, armstrong XP plus fuel pump, houston 3" down pipe[opened at track], stock tranny w/ buick club red stripe convertor[locked@2nd gear], and thats it!!!! No internal engine mods except for the valve springs, no head or intake work at all , and factory camshaft. One more thing, i spanked a brand new ROUSH mustang on this last reaction time was 2.645 to his .808 and still beat him by .678 sec and flew by him 18 mph faster that had to hurt big-time!!!!!! ......see ya,,,,, Greg
What a cheezzier!

Man talk about a boy that can brag about himself! ;)
Any who congrates! Greg it was one hell-of-o-run. It looked almost fawless from the burn out area. Joe was about in disbelief in the ET and mph that we saw on the board. I have hopes of mine running as strong with a tad less boost though. Great run once again.
Nice runs.
My best is 11.30@119 (1/4), and 7.27@97 (1/8). 26# of boost and 1.70 sec 60'. I have only bolt ons and I run a 9" non luck up converter.
Where you crossing your fingers when that boost gauge was running 31#'s? I have run 30#'s on the street when tunning to go to the track. Havent got up the nerve YET to make full run at the track like that though.

Great runs....congrats.

What kind of tires were you running and what pressure.

Guess is a 26x10 slick...and did you cross the line in 4th?Or top of third?

I'm exactly one second slower on all the stock stuff.
:D greg ole buddy!!!
dont give up now that the car is running perfectly- i will give you a te45a with a .85 housing to use at the track-
it will turn a 10 second time slip for sure!

have you removed the spare tire and jack? how about all the tools you keep in the trunk? :eek:

i wish my tta was there right now, but i "think" im having more fun with my dark grey 4.1 t-type-- hmmmm you got a 9 inch lockup convertor?? :D hmmm cause im sure my grey car would pick up more mph with a lock up-

man- i think we were both lucky at the track last friday- both of us in the 11's and no bar- 4 times they didnt say squat :)

cya master of the all mighty fastest stock appearing turbo trans am
My car with similar build: Stock engine w/ 55,000 mile(valve covers off only to replace valve springs with LT1 100#ers), RA 107, TA 61, TH 3" DP, 009's, 62mm TB, Accufab plenum, CAS FM @ 28# in 78degree weather on 255 Drag Radials and bone stock suspension. Club Red strip converter.

1/8th 7.37 @ 98.52mph and 1/4 in 11.31 @ 123.21.
Reply to razor; 28" skinnys up front @35psi, M/T 26x10 slicks @11psi, and i always go thru in 3rd gear. Plus i forgot to remove the spare&jack and i left the air tank and toolbox in the car too!!!! That is close to 100 pounds i could shed , so it looks like i'm going back. Will also put volt booster back on cause my fuel pump is probably tapped out..............Greg
i will pull my te45a off the car--- or wait for my other one to get rebuilt!!! ITS GOING ON YOUR CAR , NO BUTTS ABOUT IT!!!

man o man o man!!
i want to see that car go faster this weekend

im sure we can get it into the 10.50- 10.90 range with the other turbo on it

i have a smc alky sitting at the ups hub- we can turn the spray pattern to 4 or5 and just mist the sucker down the track--
man that thing would haul major butt!!!!

nextel me cracker
Oh Baby...............

Can't miss this, I'll be there right after work on Friday. HHMM might even bring my car to the track in Pinky gets the tranny in. Only thing missing would be the I/C back on the car .... Man I'm tell'n you I cant wait to catch up with you Greg :D
Sweet :) I love when people say thats impossible :D

105K miles
Stock Motor, Just Springs
Stock Convertor
3DP and Exhaust

24psi on Lubrant 26 degrees
11.25@121 w/1.56
Whats the fastest TTA time with stock boost levels? has anyone ran their TTA with like 14lbs of boost?
TTAs have a little more than 14 #s stock....dont remember xact #...we had a stock TTA with 600 miles on it go 13.3s @104 ...guy race it once then put the car in storage :(
Isnt 14 stock on Gn's?

Really all I had was magazine tests on these cars which is kinda useless.
tta times

I heard that hot rod did a test around 1991 and the fastest time they got out of a stock tta was 13.1. I have not been able to locate the article yet. :D
I love it when everyone gets excited about goin' to the track. I was just there on the 5th. Too much turbo for my combo but still managed an 11.48 @122. Not too bad for Tucson. I'm trading for a ta-62 this week. Maybe she'll go a little faster on the 3rd. I wouldn't mind seeing a 10 second timeslip before the heads and intake get replaced.