Beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo Surrenders In Defeat.....Funny....Long


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I think you guys will like this. Nice cool day today, so I take the GN out for the first time in a while. 3/4 tank of 114 octane, 20lbs boost, 24 degrees timing, typical very low 11, 123mph tuning for my car. I jump on the thruway going south to cruise a little and do a few errands. A few minutes into the trip, I notice a white Porsche 911 Turbo making its way up to me in the left lane (I'm in the middle lane), so I slow down to 50mph. As he gets up to me, a car from the right lane pulls over in front of me to pass a truck, so I can't really do anything. Anyway, he looks over at me as he goes by and then just nails it and flys ahead. That's when I notice the even wider than stock tires and custom rims, the car looked really clean and really nice. I of course, jump over in the left lane to follow and see what he does. He gets over in the middle lane ahead and slows down waiting for me. I pull up beside him at about 55 mph and look over at him. He only looks at me for a second and then just nails it. Luckily I was ready and waiting in 3rd gear. I pin the throttle right after him and immediately begin pulling by him. When the back of my car was even with the front of his, he went to make a shift, making it MUCH worse for him, I began pulling on him even worse than before. I got about 8 cars ahead, shut it down and got over in the middle lane and slowed to 55mph for him to catch up. Instead he stayed back for a while, I'm not sure what he was doing, but just when I thought he had had enough, he suddenly flys up next to me in the left lane again. I look over and he is emphatically pointing ahead over and over again, telling me to go again. Now I have the JUMP?.......Yummy! I'm not sure what he was thinking, but it didn't take more than a few seconds and many car lengths before I figure he must have shut down. It was hard to tell, he was so far back. OK, here's the funny part, I was laughing my butt off...... I slow down and he eventually pulls up next to me again. I look over figuring he wants to go again, but at this point I'm done beating up on him. To my surprise, what do I see when I look over? A big grin on this 40 something year old guys face and he's waving a white handkerchief. He then drops the hanky, gives me the "OK" sign and takes off ahead. What a good sport, I thought he was gonna be all pissed about it. Instead, he had me laughing the whole way home :)
Black cars dont have white Hankies,they carry checkered flags

I guess the hankie is a standard option on the Porsche.:D
White hankie LOL... Maybe he needed it to wipe the tears of his face from the pain of getting his ass handed to him by an old buick... Your car seems to be running strong when your stretching porsche 911 turbos:eek:!!! Anyways great kill Epitome, and watch out for those flashing blue and red lights behind you:D
Great Freaken Kill Man! You should have told him that with all the money he spent on that thing he could have bought like 12 Buicks. LOL
I don't know the year, but I don't think it was very old. The car looked awesome.....super clean. The whol car was white, including the big rear spoiler. I don't know if that means anything. The rims and tires were wider than stock and the rims were chrome.