Been out of the game-08-09 nhra rule changes?


Pro Bracket
Jul 10, 2006
Hey, guys. I wasn't able to race my 78 malibu last year due to financial reasons. Bought a house and had to play catch-up after dinking around with the GN waaay too much.

Anyway, going to make some passes again this coming season. As of '07 my 78 Malibu was up-to-date to run down to a 10.00. My best is 10.57@125. Hoping to drop some weight and see a little improvement.

What's changed for '08, and what can I expect for '09 as far as NHRA rules?

I heard a rumor NHRA will not allow wrap-around harness connections anymore. I have the lap belts and crotch belt bolted to the floor, but the shoulder straps are wrapped around the back bar the seat is bolted to.
Y-type belts prohibited. Seat belts may not be wrapped around lower framerails.