Belt tensioner needed

Reggie West

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May 28, 2001
Looking for a belt tensioner assembly not just the pulley.

I need the whole thing.

White Racing and Marine in Michigan used to make a wonderful replacement, but Ze Googles says they're closed. Anybody know what happened with them?
Got mine from GBody parts
It’s a reproduction unit with marginally higher spring tension pressures
search for it by part #
youll be surprised whats on ebay

Been awhile since I looked. Somebody started making them again.

Buy now. China's on the verge of collapse and once that happens, these parts will be hard to get again.
Adding a data point since I know people will find this thread searching.

I bought TWO of the Ebay tensioners I linked above. I figured that for $67 each shipped, It was good to get while the getting was good. Especially considering when my original one let go a few years ago, the only game in town was the billet White Marine unit for $500.

So, I have two spares.

Notes: This is our tensioner. Casting looks great.
The pulley is wrong. It's 90mm. So, you'll need to source a proper pulley or get a longer belt, but the tensioner appears to be legit.

Dan White passed away I believe 4-5 years ago. His son didn’t take the helm. White Racing had many great innovations for the Buicks and racing the stage 2 v6.