Bench Seat Headrest


Oct 16, 2022
I am still trying to replace my dark red fabric bench seat headrest. I purchased a nice pair of gray fabric headrest that I could cover. I have contacted and PUI. They only sell complete interior kits. My interior otherwise is really nice but somewhere along the way, the headrests were lost. I think PUI makes the interior kits for most of the Buick Vendors. I can't find bench seat headrest covers. Does anyone have information on covers or fabric that would come close to matching my bench seat?
For those with deep pockets needing fabric, I did just get off the phone with 503-2633535. They said they have the original interior fabrics for my 1987 Regal. The price for the claret red was $149/yard and 54" width. I'm looking for a more economical solution for now but could be an option down the line.