best bb turbo for 3000 stall


Master Monkeywrench
whats the biggest bb turbo i can get away with when using a 3000 stall
im switching to a 400 trans and refuse to go higher than 3000 as i still have a lot of highway driving to do to get to the cruise spots and work
I have a 6776 with a 3k stall but I am running a 4.1 liter engine.

Oh I have nitrous too :biggrin:

My buddy has a 3200 in his 3.8 L with a 6776 and it comes out of the hole hard. It needs less stall IMO, so a 3000 would be perfect.
.70 dual bb from Jack cotton with the 4" inlet and 2.5' outlet, and an .85 precision housing to boot with. ;) plenty of power and response from a dig and top end pull like a bat out of hell.