Best book on turbo engines


Oct 3, 2011
Hey Guys-N-Gals

Okay, so while I'm putting together a set-up to turbo my Regal,(thanks A.J.) I thought that getting a book to help me understand all that I need to learn about setting up the system would be a good idea. I have seen many referances to a book that seems to be the Bible on the subject, but I can't remember what it was called. The search comes up with turbo and book as seperate entries that lead me to posts about the book value of a turbo car. Anyone want to help a Noob out with some suggestions? And thanks for all the help I've gotten here.

thats hard to say.... alot of people have alot of favorites.

depends on what area of turbo tech you want to know about....

I have a few late 60s early 70s Petersons "Guide To Turbochargers" books that i use as my bible since those early years were all Draw-Thru... and the information applys to us really well. I have many of the modern turbo guides by SA Design and Corky Bell, but they all scoff at the Draw-Thru system and thus they are used for bathroom reading. the V6 book by Pat Gnaul is a pretty good one....
hello; I"ll tell you something and that is let the computer be your friend. There's alot of info on the turbo there. I just need the basic stuff as I'm not trying to boost to the moon. But if I where you thats what I'd do.
Thanks guys, DR.Frankenstien knows what I'm up to as he is my partner in crime is this instance. My main focus is to educate myself on the basics so I can install my system without anything going BOOM. I have owned a turbo car, and have worked on my own cars, but Im no master mechanic and I haven't worked on a turbo car. So I'm just trying to beef up my brain so I won't make myself a pest here, LOL.