Best chip for stock 86/87 GN


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Jul 19, 2006
I have a bone stock 86 GN that my son and I are resurrecting. The only thing thats not stock about it at this point is the K&N air filter, Walbro 340, Hooker exhaust with no cat, and K&N oil breathers we've installed. I have a few Bosch 237 fuel pressure regulators that I snagged at the yard last time I was there, and plan on putting one of those on as well. Is there any benefit to going to an aftermarket chip with this mild of a setup? I've been told a Thrasher street chip would be good for this car. . .any other chips out there that would work well?
give turbotweak a call. He'll make it happen. no need to go anywhere else. give him the answers to all the questions hell ask you, and youll have a chip custom cut to your specs, and itll work fine.
I agree you should contact Eric at Tell him "you want the same discount that Dennis gets".;)

I've been driving my stock 87 GN since 1987 and believe me, there are several items in the chip that when changed, will make your car idle and run better than it did when new. I'm serious. You'll need at least two chips: one for driving and one for motor vehicle inspection. There are things in the chip strickly for emmisions and when corrected make a big difference. Then, when the car needs to be inspected, you pop in the emmisions chip.

If you haven't done it already change the themostat to a 160 deg.
dennisL, are you running stock injectors? What about fuel pressure? No emissions here, so one chip will be just fine. ;)
Years ago when the stock injectors started leaking I replaced them with Tomco "green stripe" injectors. These are 30 lb where stock is 28 lb, so effectively, yes I'm using stock injectors. As soon as I get time, I'm changing them to 40 lb.

Fuel pressure makes a big difference and the 237 regulator will fix that. Pressure at 43# even improves idle. I use an adjustable regulator so I can turn it down for NJ inspection. As I adjust it back up, the idle smoothes out at 40# and above.

Except for the TA49 turbo, torque converter, and the fuel pump, every else is stock.
I agree, Eric DOES know his stuff. And to think it was only a few years ago that I taught him how to count in hexidecimal.:biggrin:
He's really come a long way.....