Best Christmas Present ever!

Bad Buick

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Jan 2, 2006
No Lie......This is what my wife bought me for Christmas.I must have been a very good boy!!!!


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That is awesome. Did you know that you were getting it or was it a total surprise?
Wow! A new member and I already hate you!!......... ;) :D j/k

Nice car. Your a lucky guy! What a great gift!
I was on my way to go look at this car(after 20yrs of drooling).My wife phoned the guy while I was driving over to see it, and asked him if he would first see if I liked the car....(I nearly fainted when he pulled the cover off of it)then she asked him to discourage me from buying it!!!!! He kept asking me if I was sure I didnt want a ttop car,a lower mileage car(it has 33000kms on it,Cdn car),and many other questions...I wondered does he want to sell it ,or what!!!!I gave him a deposit and went home to tell my wife about it,and to have a cold shower!In short....She had planned on buying it,he offered to trailer it to our home,put it in the garage and surprise me Christmas morning.I messed up their plans....The guy said to my wife you'll give this guy a heart attack if you try to discourage him from buying it.So...I bought the car,and dissapointed my wife(though what an amazing gesture!)The car is in heated storage at the sellers shop(no charge!)till April.I cant wait to bring it home!!!! My wife is a GN FAN,AND LOVES TO GO TO SHOWS WITH ME!!! HOW TRULY BLESSED AM I??????? :D
Wow man, great gift! :eek:

I have yet to find a woman as interested in these cars as I am. It probably will never happen but I can keep the hope. :biggrin:
My wife's father owned a Radiator shop.She grew up around cars.She owns a pretty hot car of her own..A 2003 2dr. jet black Pontiac Grand Am GT,withe the ram air hood.She says she will never own a 4 dr.She loves the whole "car scene",listens to me babble for hours about everything Buick! Watches Overhaulin,Pinks,and hours of The Barrett-Jackson car auction.What is up with that?I often feel so guilty for having her listen to me babble for hours about cars that I sit and watch the Gilmore Girls with her...Oops did I say that out loud??? Small price to pay for such an amazing woman! : :biggrin:
Sounds like you have yourself a keeper.

I did have one girlfriend that was into cars. She was a ricer though but still appreciated a fast domestic. She would go to car shows with me and wouldnt complain if I was working on my car for 10 hours straight, she would just hang out in the garage and fetch me tools.

If she wasnt such a psychotic woman she would have been perfect. I saw her not to long ago, she really turned around but now that karma thing is kicking her in the ass and her boyfriend is pretty much just like how she was. :eek: