Best Exhaust

There are many opinions and many threads on this subject. Best for what? Horspower, drone, no drone, single shot, dual, etc.. You need to decide what you want your exhaust to do for you. In my case I wanted the quietest free flowing exhaust will little restriction. I have a 3 inch dynomax vt feeding a single inlet dual outlet 3 inch dynomax ultra flow. Many different combos out there. The only real concensus is that any chambered style muffler will restrict flow.
Gn1 or RJC. As Mr. Fix it said above, it depends on what you are looking for. The wife loves the sound of the GN-1 on her T...
just purchased the 3in cat back from TR Customs and let me tell you, it is nice. haven't installed it yet, but it sure is perrrrtttyyyyy!