Best flowing /sounding exhhaus system?


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Apr 9, 2002
I have a set of Mease headers I'm going to install and figured I would upgrade the exhaust while I was at it.

I would like something that had a bit of rumble to it, if possible:D

What's your vote?:)

I'd guess any of the ATR's with Pit Bulls are the best flowing. So far as sound goes, no matter what you put on it, it's still a turbo V6, so you AIN'T gonna get that sweet V8 thump...

Of course, lots of guys will follow with better flowing exhausts that sound exactly like a BBC...

Yeaaa I know :( .

Do all the ATR exh systems sound more or less the same, except for the single shot?
Couldn't say. I have the 3" duals and they are loud. I understand the 2-1/2" duals are not loud, but I guess it's all subjective...

I have Cottons single 3" with a Dynomax Ultra flo Race Muff. It's VERY LOUD! Nice rumble at idle also HTH
I have the torque tech 3 inch dual's with the dynomax ultra flow's. The system is all mandrel bent and fit was very good, which surprised me considering how large the pipes are. The car sounds excellent at idle with a nice burble, and at WOT has a nice full sound to it. I'm still running a catalytic converter which i'm sure quiets it down a bit, so it isn't very loud, but you can hear it ;) Also, the price isn't bad either. :)
Go with 3" over the 2 1/2" for deeper tone and more rumble.

I have dual 2.5" on the WE4 and the ATR 3" Crossflow on the GN and the GN sounds WAY better.

And the KB 2.5" was upgraded to stainless ultraflows too.

Go with 3".

I'd never put a single shot on my car. :eek:
I have a 3" single shot on mine and one of the most common questions I get is "Is that a 350?". It doesn't sound exactly like a v8, but it will still set off every car alarm in a parking garage and most on the street. I don't have a cat.
Best flowing and cheapest would have to be any system without the mufflers. A few members on here have done that with great results and it probably sounds pretty mean.
On the flip side of this subject...

Ok.. we know large piped duals and singles flow well and can be as loud as you could ever want. On the flip side, which system flows well QUIETLY? Nothing gives me wood like spanking a car whose bark doesn't live up to it's bite.

About 6 years ago before I had to replace the exhaust on my T, and since I didnt have the great help of you guys I went to the local well-known exhaust shop to see what they had. Its been a long time, but I'm almost positive the brand is Dynaflow. Im not sure if they are still around but I think they are as quiet or even quieter than stock. Inside the car, at accelaration and at driving speed the car is very quiet and yet it has a nice tone to it at idle. If my memory serves me correcly they are mandrel bent stainless-steel with a lifetime warrenty (except for muffler). It is a cat-back dual exhaust/one muffler setup. HTH.

Funny you mention that system because that's what I actually have on my car. It's a factory replacement system from Walker/Dynomax. Not sure it qualifies as a performance system though since it's only 2-1/4" with a single crossflow muffler, even if it is mandrel bent. The polished stainless tips were a nice touch.

In respect to my previous post, I'm no dummy, I realize that "Quiet" mufflers don't flow as well as loud, free flowing units. I'm just curious if there has been any "New" developements in muffler technology lately that keep the Db's down and let the performance flow.

My car came with an Edelbrock single 3" system. I'm not saying I'd buy it again in favor of the ATR but it does have a nice low rumble. I too get asked if I've got a 350 when it's idling.
I recently installed the ATR dual 2 1/2 with pitbull muffs. I previously had 3 inch duals unknown brand exiting the rear of the car. Well, I had a horrible drone at light cruise with this exhaust setup. After going with the ATR system, I gained 1-2 PSI. I have a nice low rumble sound at idle and cruise, not loud and obnoxious and most importantly, the drone is gone. This system is actually somewhat quite. Now I don't have to be blasting my stereo system to drown the drone noise.:)

I'm very happy with the purchase and I don't think I'll be changing the system out anytime soon!

Dynomax 3" bullet welded directly to a THDP with a 90 degree exit under the pass. door. niceand mean