Best Place To Sell A Gun?


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
Where is the best website to sell a firearm besides gunbroker and gunsamerica?

I was wanting to avoid any auction fees.

I have a really nice compact 9mm with case and paperwork for cheap and want a quick sale .

Thanks for any info
x2 on location and how much. my ol' lady is looking for something compact. she has the tiniest hands.

Located in IL
FireStar - Model M43
Gun of the year in 1993
Starvel finish
7 shot
In near new cond.
Low recoil
Very accurate
Takedown is like a glock or Ruger(very easy)
Cant say enough about it....They are all around great guns! Thats why I own 3;) Just need some quick cash for a purchase I want to make and the wife says I need to sell something to get it:redface:
If nobody on here grabs it up, I would go to the next gun show close to you. The shows I have been to have been packed and prices are skyrocketing!

Good price on that piece though, wouldn't be surprised if someone here wants it!
Best place to sell Best person to sell it to, me for the right amount. is loaded with with every style and type of gun made. Good luck with your sale.
If I were in driving distance I would buy it...

Good luck bud!
Anyone interested? I will buy it back if you dont like it when you shoot it... How about that for reliability and confidence;)

Only to Turbo buick members tho.
That is a nice piece! You shouldn't have ANY problem selling it. Any hints on what you're going to replace it with? ;)
Shame ya can't just trade That in on yer needed purchase. Not too long ago I traded one I wasn't using often in on the wife's newest. I got exactly what I wanted without question or hesitation. She's happy and I'm not missing anything!;)
Guys, I have three of these and lets just say it dont need replaced;) I dont need anything more than what I have:eek: :biggrin: