Best price for a rebuild.


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Aug 13, 2001
Who has the best prices for a rebuild, and does the best work? I had a trans done by Jimmy's before but it was very exspensive! With the converter it was 2 grand. Looking for some good and close to Chicago. Thanks
Jimmy just did mine for $1700 w/ a Precision Single disc convertr. The converter alone is 700, so i guess the tranny is a grand. I dont think your gonna find anyone cheaper, and if you do, good luck. There are alot of transmission builders out there that can do a rebuild for ya, but there's a few less that know what it takes to make a BRF tranny work properly. Jimmy's got my vote for the midwest :)
He doesnt have a web that I'm aware of but here's his snail mail addy:

Jimmys Transmissions
888 B Tower Rd. Mundelein IL 60060
1 (847) 949 7507

PS: Tell him Craig sent ya :)
Jimmy's has my vote for the midwest. I have never seen someone that was able to do a full race conversion in matter of a day.

It took 2 days from start to finish with my car. Full Race Trans with Mallender Trans Brake