BF Goodrich Traction T/A Tires

Darth Fiero

3800 Series II Turbo
Jan 12, 2003
Well the time has come to replace the aging Goodyear Regatta Touring tires on the rear of my Fiero. I have a 16 x 6 rim to play with but I must limit my overall tire diameter to 26". This allows me to put up to a 225 55 r16 tire on my wheels.

I want to go with BFG's because they have always made me happy in the past. I currently have Comp T/A's on my GTA and like them.

BFG just came out with a new tire line. They are now selling the Traction T/A in an H, V, and T speed rated versions. The T rated version appears to be an econo tire priced cheaply but does not have the AA traction and A temp rating that both the H and V rated tires have. The H and V tires also carry a 440 treadwear rating and have a 60,000 mile warranty.

I can get an H rated Traction T/A in a 225 55 HR16 size for just about the same price I can get a G-force T/A KDWS of the same size for. Anyone ever compared these tires and have any suggestions? The goodyear's I have now are barely adequate as far as traction is concerned but they are old and worn out. I am assuming that a brand new tire will take care of my slight traction issues on the Fiero but I also want a tire that is going to last and I don't think the G-forces offer the same durability or mileage. Any suggestions?