BGC intake dual feed lines, fittings,regulator & fuel guage


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If your looking at feeding both rails individually on your BGC intake or Champion intake, This is what I had on my car before I switched to all black fittings and teflon lines. These are not new parts. They have scuff marks on them from years of use, but everything works well. Selling for $250 shipped. These are #8 lines that go at the back of the intake into a adjustable Aeromotive regulator and liquid guage (slight fog in the glass at the bottom of the guage, but everything is ledgable and works), and a fitting underneath the regulator for a #6 return. There is a cap on the left hand side for the external guage if you wanted to monitor your fuel pressure by putting it on your windshield. At the front I have a Summit Y block and dual lines feeding each side of the rail. Fitting at the end of the Yblock works for a #10 line, or remove it and use it for a #8 .

This is what it looks like on the intake

And on the motor in the car