BIG PARTS LIST, Biggest parts list Ever + 2 more parts cars a 84 Regal and 87 442

I have the tail lights. Do you need them with chrome or black trim. Or just the bare tail lights.

I need the tail lights chrome trim.

Can you send me a photo up close of the lights?

What is the price for both with Chrome trim and with black trim?

I live in 23605
If I had my choice I would want them a good as they can be.

I was looking at these from a place in Ca.
But the guy hasn't got back with me

They will be going on the Regal pictured below.
If I get them with black trim then I will be needing the black strip to replace the chrome on on the rear of the lip on the trunk.
Do you have the plastic covers for the seats (grey) and black plastic for the seat rails? looking for them for an 86GN