BIG PARTS LIST, Bought 3 more Parts cars, and did some Spring cleaning. Tons added!

bob been trying to get ahold of you
PM box is full.
will take turbo shield and pod w/gauges
how much shipping to 33155
I havent had a chance to read through your parts list, but im looking for a drivers side seat track for my 87 ttype. non power seats. mine broke where it mounts to the floor so im looking for a replacement. Let me know if you have anything! Thanks
HI Bob, its Matt Carroll, w/the 87 we4 how are you? i bought a roof ect off of you, she's looking good, could you find me two rear fillers , pref. oem, to be painted, in good shape? letme know , also could use pass upper d. panel. in good shape. holla back,thanks and happy new year. Matts87we4.

I just bought a set of tail lights off Ebay.

If I need anything else I will get back with you.
hey Bob, rear fillers, ??? wiper arms black w/ wipers, pls send pic of t-top ctr rail please and pricing package deal? thanks, hope ure well. Matts 87we4 bought rf. lst. year. Matt Carroll, (508) 574-6210 cell . peace, happy new year!