Big Spring for the GN


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My GN has had a busy Spring with updates and taking it to the next level.

First thing I did was have the transmission taken apart and rebuilt to support 10s. Michael's in Southern NJ did the work. I also installed Dave Husek's 3021 LU Torque Converter. Did a Hughes deep pan, trans temp gauge, driveshaft safety loop and some other small things, including a Scanmaster-G.

Then, today, I picked the car up from Jim Dunn at Buick Turbo Performance in the Philly burbs. Jim did his usual amazing job on my car. I went with a Work Billet 6262 turbo e-cover from Boosted RPS, RJC 315-XTF FMIC, 60# flow matched injectors and TT alky chip, dual spal fans with the Casper's plug and play delay harness, angle IAC boss, Russ Merrit MSD plug wires and a B&M trans cooler mounted down low and up front catching air from underneath the car.

The car is running strong. A couple blasts at 22-25# and no knock and she is pulling like a freight train. Where the TA49 and stock stall was certainly snappy and torque-ey, this new setup with the 6262 and the Husek 3021 just feels smooth and right. Car seems easier to drive and the power is always there. Plus, with the Work 6262, I no longer have the part throttle turbo surge, which is a huge benefit for me.

I'll post up some pics tomorrow and I'll have some good parts for sale soon, i.e. TA49, CAS V4S, etc.

Went 11.8 last year. Hoping for low 11s with the new setup...
Some pix. Jim Dunn always does an amazing job. My car always comes back cleaner than the way I gave it to him.

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