Big Thanks to Boosted RPS


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Jan 20, 2014
I wanted to say how satisfied I am with the service I received from Tyler and Boosted RPS.

From understanding my baseline to turbo selection to coaching me through my intended "combo" Tyler did a great job of guiding me, dealing with all of my questions and confirming my thoughts. I ended up going with a Work Billet 6262 Turbo with an e-Cover, 3" in, 2" out, utilizing the Buick .63 AR exhaust housing. Turbo is conservatively rated at 700HP and I'm sure it will support my near term and longer term goals.

As part of the process, I sent in my original, nasty looking, 30-yr-old turbo to Reed at Work to be used as the "core" for the exhaust housing side. What I got back is a real work of art. Almost everything on the completed unit is either new or redone. Mostly new. I can post some pix if anyone wants them.

Again, thank you Tyler and Boosted RPS for being an aggressive and progressive new vendor to the TR community. Thank you for pushing the envelope and bringing options to our community. I've been called "high maintenance" recently, related to my car (my passion & hobby), so thanks for having the patience to help me through the questions and logic I use that leads me to decision-making related to my car. We all handle spending thousands on our cars differently so thank you.

Let me know if anyone has any questions.

After my trans is beefed up (fingers crossed for this month), the new go faster parts will go on. I will report back how the jump from a TA49 and stock converter feels ( TURBO KEITH!!! ) compared to the 6262, front mount and a Dave Husek 3021 converter. Heads and cam are in the future also but probably not till 2019.
Some pics of the turbo

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