Jan 23, 2004
Does the 12 inch brake swap fit behind 15" olds rallye wheels? How close would it be. Would the brakes fit behind the early style olds rallye wheels 15" Does the wheel depth matter or no? I dont see how it wont fit because somebody has them behind montecarloss wheels?

1LE Brakes w/ OEM Calipers = NO

1LE brakes w/ Wilwood GM III Aluminum caliper = NO

1LE brakes w/ SSBC Force 10 Calipers = ????

A few guys on the OldsGmail list have tried, only 1 person claims to be able to fit the G-body 442 rims around there.

I am in the process of upgrading my brakes, and am going to attempt the SSBC route. I'll let you know.

Has anyone used aerospace front brakes here, they say they only have 10.25 inch rotors. Whats up with that small size, they should defn fit behind stock olds SSI rallye wheels. However they say the car should way about 300 lbs and my car will probably be 3300 with me in it when im done. any ideas?
12" Baer with '84 or '85 GN 15" aluminum wheels will fit.
12" Baer with '86 or '87 TR 15" aluminum wheels need a 1/8" spacer.