Biggest turbo with a 2800 stall L/U.....


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Aug 13, 2001
Wondering what would be the biggest turbo you can run with a 2800 L/U stall converter ? (for the street) With trans brake also :)
For a while I was running a TE63 with a 3000 lock up that actually stalled at 2850 with 8lbs of boost. It wasnt a total turd but it was a lot more fun with a 44.
Hey A$$hole.....

Don't you know your stuff yet!!!!

GT 3255, TE44/TA49.....Mebbe a TE 60 w/a lil bit of lag....

Student schools the teacher.....

Seriously though good luck Nick

Steve Chambers
Steve, whats going on?? The thing is I never had a combo this small. I'm getting slower in my old age :) I have a TE44 now, was thinking of going 60/61 but not sure if there is a performance gain over the 44?? Thanks for the input guys
I don't mean to hijack, but I have a question....would going to a slightly bigger turbo than a TE60 (but still a 60-series), but with ball bearings, negate the need for a higher stall converter?

A BB turbo will spool faster, but won't significantly change the amount of air that the turbo can flow, correct?

I ask because I want to go with something in that size range, but want to know if going with BB's will at least reduce the need for a higher stall converter (2900 stall L/U right now).