Billet Lug Nuts!


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Jun 28, 2001
Available in 5/8, 1/2, 14 and 12mm
Shank or acorn style
Machined, black or gold
10 bucks each



They look nice and suppose you might be able to find a plug to keep crap from getting in the ends but 2 bills for 20 is a bit much for me. How about a lug wrench to fit? But they would frustrate your average wheel thief although if they wanted them bad enough just break them off.
Very nice. Are you confident a 12 point socket won't round off the aluminum or damage these? Thank you.

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I've used them for years without one rounding off
Cool. Having grown up in a machine shop many moons ago, 7075 certainly has more strength and stress resistance than 6061.
These are pricey but worth it. I hate my current lugs. I'll have to add these to my wish list.

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I also have them with integral washers and 3/8" threads for BMX bikes....

Steel washers will work. That’s what I have on front of mine. I use the aluminum thick spacers for the 5/8 rears