Bizzare Blinkers!


If I use my left blinker, it flashes normal. If I use my right blinker, it flashes once every 20 seconds! All bulbs are working and this just started to happen today. Any ideas?:confused:
The flasher is resistance based and a bad connection/ground will delay its action. Check your wiring and connections at the bulbs.
You might have a bulb out... Just check and see. I've had this happen before.

x2 and as stated before.....check the front side markers(in the headlight housings too) they should alternate from the bumber turn signals.....and make sure the right part # bulbs are in place and turned/keyed right...
You proberbly have a dirty contact connection in the switch located in the steering colume, I had that same problem in my 64 GTO.
I had a similar problem and replaced flasher under the dash. Good to go after that. I replaced every light on the car before I did this and it was no help.:rolleyes:
I vote flasher too. One side probably has just enough resistance to make the bad flasher blink right.
I had an old Oldsmobile. The right directionals worked fine, the left only worked if you revved the engine a little or, you could just put it in neutral when stopped, and it would work. It was the flasher. For some reason it must have had just a little more resistance in the right side circuit.
Just remember, it isn't the flasher in the fuxe box. That is for the hazards.
my car did the same thing last summer- worked perfect turning left, but blinked really slow to the right. all bulbs were good and lit up.
turned out to be a bad ground connection to the base of the bulb on the light in the front bumper- i pulled the bulb out, cleaned up a little bit of corrosion, bent the tab up al ittle bit, and put the bulb back in. it has worked perfectly ever since.