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Jun 3, 2009
hello boys and girl; Blizzard 2013 is a blizzard alright. Snow hasn't stopped yet and there's lots of snow to shovel.
You probably get e-mails from Street Legal TV but if you don't find it. They have alot of automotive stuff from all types. A guys doing a pro-touring GN and it's comming out nice. He's got some skills. But today I got an e-mail from them and there's a story from Cal. of a guy strapping 24 bottles of M1 to himself from Costco. He got cought after a chase but at his place he had like 52 more bottles of it. Now they wonder if hes been doing for a while.
The way oil prices are lately I can see the motivation. $4 for conventional, argh. If I knew the speedie lubes used good stuff i would start letting them change mine and save me the trouble. My trailblazer costs $35 in oil/filter alone (7 quarts)..