Blew By A Porsche 930 Or 993

The Darkside

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May 25, 2001
1ST of all I'm not sure which it was,I was to excited to look for badges!!!I know it looked real new,was silver,had a whale tail and huge tires tucked up under a some very wide wheel wells.It was an awesome looking car!!!A middle aged guy was drivoing it.Anyways here's the story:

I was waiting to turn right onto the access road that leads to the freeway.The porsche was coming from the other direction and made a left to head for the frreway also.So I jumped out and caught up to his rear end just before he got to the access ramp.I was ready w/ the alchy and was in 3rd gear running about 60 mph or so when he nailed it!!!Well,I nailed it also and I was right on his bumper as we both headed accross the freeway towards the inside lanes.He went to the 3rd lane and I decided to try and blow by him and headed for the 4th lane and much to his surprise I just pulled by and got back over in front of him!!I figured I'd give him a great view of my Buick tail lights:D We stayed following each other as traffic was getting clogged up,but when it finally cleared he got over and I was hoping to give him another run,but he just slowly passed by and wouldn't even look my way!!!Go figure:confused:I guess he was embarrassed or something??
I don't know for sure how hard he was pushing it,but we were both getting it!!!Anyways it may not be considered a kill,but it was definetly a thrill!!!
I also got next to a 2002 MUSTANG GT,but he wanted no part of me and wouldn't look my way even after I stayed side by side for a mile or so hoping he would get tired of looking at me and try to leave me behind,but he ignored me.
The Darkside:cool::D

I went on autotrader .com to see if I could find a pic of what the car looked like and now I'm pretty sure it was a 993.
Good kill Man!

When ever I hear of someone beating up on a Porsche it just makes me Love my car even more. It's not to often that you hear someone beat up on a $100K car. I wish their were as many Ferrari's and Lambo's on the road as their are Porsches.

Nice kill!
There are 2 versions of the 911 carrera...the 993 is N/A and a 996 is a turbo (they look pretty much the same besides the turbo)... never heard of the 930 though. I WILL own one one of these days :D
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I guess he was embarrassed or something??

I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago about a mile down the road from the local Porsche dealer. I'm in the right lane of a 4-lane divided highway going my usual 10 over the limit. A silver Carerra (are they called 911s again, or 993s?) with no tags (someone out on a test drive) goes FLYYYYYYYYING past me. Rocked my car. He saw me and slowed down and cut into the right lane in front of me. I went around on the left and got next to him. The guy driving said something to the guy in the passenger seat (who I could only assume was a salesman), the salesman shook his head, the driver looked disappointed. They then pretended I wasn't there, and I took off ahead of them. I can only assume that the message from the salesguy was "don't mess with one of those". Either that or "don't waste your gas on that American piece of garbage". Probably the latter. Either way, he knew better than to let his potential buyer get wasted by a late-80s barge in an 80k Carrerra (Cabriolet).