Blowing fuel pump fuses

JC Turbo

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Jun 15, 2001
I need help trying to fix a friends car. Every time he tries to start his car the fuel pump fuse blows in the fuse panel under the dash.

1) We have disconnected the hotwire kit and rewired the fp the with the stock wiring still no luck.

2) We also disconnected the fp relay and it still blows the fuse. Before the fuse blows the relay clicks so it's getting power. I also disconnected the fuel pump wiring harnass to the fuel pump to rule out the pump it self.

3) I was instructed to check the wire behind the alternator and the oil pressure send plug. But both checked out ok.

The car was running fine last summer and he put it away for the winter and then went to move it a couple days ago and this all started. Any one with similar problems that can help? :confused:
JC, check out this diagram:

Notice the factory's wiring in relation to the oil pressure sending unit. Should its internal connections short, a direct connection between virtual ground and +12V at the 15Amp FP Fuse would occur.

Have you attempted to crank the engine with the oil-pressure sender's 3-wire harness disconnected? If not, do so. If the fuse doesn't blow, replace the sender.

Good luck.
There is a big connector under the coil pack that goes to the fuel injector harness. Disconnect that one and see if the fuse stops blowing. That would be a shorted fuel injector harness or injector itself. They are on the same fuse.