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Question... Why should I buy your complete ignition system??? To include coil, wires, etc....? I have a completely stock TB with only a Power Logger an ALKY system, and after-market gauges to circumvent the idiot lights.


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This is a feedback section, you will get more information posting in other sections of the forum.

But, the TR6 has numerous features:
Modern and new, its hard to find properly operating stock components any more, the stock system was pretty good in its day but the current aftermarket replacements are nowhere near as good. The TR6 uses readily available coils if you should need one.

Diagnostics, the TR6 has built in diagnostic LEDs, as well as diagnostic software. If it senses an issue, it will "blink" a trouble code on the tachometer. It also has built in features to assist in timing the cam sensor.

Safety, The built in rev limiter is spark based and is less harsh on the engine if you hit it. Additionally if you ever hit the stock rev limiter (which cuts the fuel injectors) when your alky kit is spraying, then engine goes lean and can blow head gaskets or worse.

Power, the new style coils offer improved spark energy over the stock stuff. Optionally can be installed with Coil-near-plug coils including the "Pantera" coils which pack a huge punch.

2-step, the TR6 has a built in 2-step rev limiter (triggerable lower limiting RPM) for racing

I think that covers most of the high points.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will start with the stock cam sensor and timing chain replacement sense that is likely the weakest point of the 30+ year old system and then work up to the BB ignition system..