Body and paint?

Can anyone recommend a body shop that does decent work at a decent price? I realize that you get what you pay for, but it seems to me that in the body and paint biz this is not always the case - sometimes a bum job at a hefty price.:rolleyes: I know that there are a few of us interested in paint jobs in the near future, any info would be appreciated.:D
Mick, it would depend on what you mean by a decent price... All my cars go to Bannister Auto Body (Blake 847-7800) He does great work, but not very fast.... Car Clinic in Waipahu (Jimmy forgot the #) starts at about 2K, also excellent work. On the budjet oriented side, try Oscars Auto Body (forgot that# too) by sand Island. He comes recommended by a co-worker.
The only two that I would reccomend would be RN auto body and paint ph.732-0069 and Central auto body in Aiea. I seen a few of RN's work, he painted a my Friends GNX and a GN LC. plate (DEVUS) and also a member of Jenat Higa, e-mail her if you wanted to find out about he paint jod she took it there many times.
Thanks guys.

Rob, I guess my price range would be in the $3K - $4K range. I'm not looking for a show-car quality job since my car is parked outdoors and covered, a "decent" job will do:). Jackson, thanks for the info - I know I've asked you before about this.:cool:

Is about the average "good" quality paint job. That was the price range that I got quoted at RN auto.
just remember not to cover it for the first 3-6 months after painting.... BTW, 3-4K should get a good job no matter where you go, Bannister will do it for less than that I'm sure, and Car Clinic averages right in that range. Bannister will be painting my SS in about a week (let me rephrase, starting work on my SS) Being this is being paid for by the insurance company, maybe it will get done a little faster. The last car he did for me('87-442) was painted in '94, and still looks great today. A word of adviceif you do see him: dont tell him "take your time" :cool:


PS call if you need more info.....