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Apr 17, 2010
I just bought a rubber body bushing kit from Mike's Monty's and when I received that I laid out all the parts but four of the mating parts of bushings 2 4 six and seven do not all looks the same as you would think. Has anybody run into this? Four of the female of the bushing are different than the picture I received. Don't want to tear into the car before I figure out why 2 4 6 and 7 are not exactly the same.
Any help of where I should put the different interior and different heights unmatched set would go? Or did I get a bad kit? I've sent pictures and questions to Mike and of waiting for him to reply but he said many people have used these kids so I'm reaching out to my Buick buddies
Steve c


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Blacky- I bought this same kit two years ago and never installed it. The parts are exactly the same. I did not get the instruction sheet shown in your pics. Can you send me a pic? Thanks-Brad
Mike told me that the instructions are just generic. I will look close the pictures but I still need to know which of the four shorter bushings go to which number 2,4,6, or 7. So you're sure that the female bushings are identical to the kit I have. That means the centers look different and that four of them are shorter than the other four?


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Here you go. Can you text me a PIC of those instructions? Thanks 847-334-6225


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Brad, it's nice to see those pictures as I would assume you have four of each of the ones that you showed me. Let me know if that's true. Now I just have to figure out of those for which to go into what number body bushing position. I did send you the instructions and they should be included on the response above Yours. That's all I've got for pictures and it doesn't show the four different female bushings
I have four each of these. I cannot read the detail of your post. The detail is lacking due to the restrictions placed by this site on file size, Thanks Brad
I don't remember if I have your phone number Brad, but you can PM me at and I can send you a copy or I believe I can email if you prefer
See if anything at this link helps:

Check page 2, went through a similar effort 6 months ago, but with the polys.
These are the rubber bushings not the poly bushings. I've installed the poly bushings before with no hassle and great instructions. The only thing is on number three. I had to drill out one washer to go over the sleeve.
I'm looking for help on the rubber ones that are more stock
They go like this. The red would be the frame of the car. So, body, big bushing, frame, small bushing, bolt. This was my biggest confusion from what I remember doing mine. I just used deduction to get mine installed. Figure out where some go, and then the ones left that match the spots still needing bushings must go there. My instructions weren’t very helpful either lol
Thanks. Tell your fryer. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but why would the bushings that go from the frame to the body? The uppers I'll be the same but the lower have two different sizes. Once again, this is in positions 2/4/6/7? I appreciate everyone's up so far, but I haven't gotten a defendant of answer yet. Like I've said I've done two Polly's on cars and heads zero issues other than having to drill out number three washer for the sleeve.

Haynesie but it looks like that refers to the poly parts. I'm trying to take the poly off and reinstall rubber bushings that are more stock riding​

yeah that's weird, do you have two different bolt sizes as well? If all the bolts are the same size, but the total thickness of the bushings are different, to me that would be way to test would to be putting in the bolts with each bushing attached, and if you get a bolt that ends up butting up against the interior body sheet metal, that would probably indicate it needs one of the bigger lower bushings.

Additionally, I'm struggling to see how the thinner bushings even seat into the smaller ones with out a lot of lateral movement.

Haynesie I think you're suggestion might be right. I was thinking of pulling the bolts out of all five spots first and seeing if there was any difference in the lengths. I guess that's after I go through my GM shop manual lol. Anyhow, all the bolts are the same thickness if I remember from putting those poly bushings in. Like I said, all eight frame to body pushings are the same for 2 4 6 7 and the main female ends are four of one thickness and four of another, Plus the inside of the female is different than the other four.​

Can't believe anybody that's put these bushings in has not shined in as to where the thicker and lower bushing to each body location. Somebody did say that it probably shouldn't matter since they're at the bottom of the bolt goes but why would they make two different ones:unsure:
Steve c
I bought that kit last year and had Xavier down at RCG install it. I questioned the same thing as it looked like not all the bushings were the right size. Xaviar made due but now i have a rear quarter flexing when i hit a bump or railroad track. I called mike and he was a bit snippy, said he never had a complaint. Will make due till i rip them all out and redo them with a premium set. Was getting a rear main done so that was the excuse to go visit Richard. The Engine they built for me is A class.
Richard knows what he's doing. I'm sure if they didn't like have told you so and not installed them i would have hoped. I got them installed on my car today and the car runs a heck of a lot smoother and not as harsh as the pollies made it. So far. I'm happy with them but still not sure on the lower eight. Which four go where and which 4 go the other were
I guess I'll try to give Richard Clark a call as it sounds like he has installed these for zap240 and maybe he has an idea of the two different lower bushings position 2, 4, six and seven and what bushing of Mike's kit goes where