body on the frame straight


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Jul 17, 2007
The more research I do,the more I notice many turbo regals do not have their bodies centered to their frames. Many have a noticable gap difference when comparing the driver's side to the passenger's side.

My question is if anybody here has been able to have the body of their turbo regal sucessfully scooted over to correct this factory problem?????????

The reason why I'm asking is because I'm sending my GN to a body shop next week and requesting for them to replace the body bushings, and was wondering if they may be able to center the body to the frame when doing so.

Also, how many hours does it typically take to replace all body bushings?
I do not know how many hours it will take on replacing all of the body bushings as mine only needed to replace the missing ones. On the other question, I don't ever recall ever seeing or reading a post where somebody has successfully managed to move center the body over the frame. All of the posts that I have read advise that even though there is clearance on one side, there in zero clearance on the other side. This is convenient timing to add the GNX bushings if you're so inclined. HTH
Bushings are registered in the frame and the body, so there's not alot of "wiggle room".
B4 you do that, check to see if the rear axle is in the correct location, Worn control arm bushings, wrecks, etc, can put the axle off center.
As for the bushing replacement, I spent 6 hrs on the last 1.. One has to remove the bumpers, to allow the body to be jacked up, so the fillers don't get messed up..
I did a body off quicky resto on my 82 Regal 455 car. I was concerned about the body too so while everything was up in the air I took the tape measure and calipers to everything. Man I shouldn't have done that. It turns out the tub was built the old fashioned way. With actuall Human beings. You could not,if you tried to, find the same dimmensions from side to side or front to back. Either that or it was always a Monday morning when these things were jigged up for welding. The cars are as crooked as a politician in other words. I would say if you can get it straight on one side and with a good suspension alignment so it doesn't dog leg going down the road than you are doing better than the factory did. That kind of explains why the tires only rub on one side, doesn't it?