Body Piercing


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Jun 2, 2002
Ok I am not into Piercing BUT what is with Christina Agulerra?

If there is one Piercing I can't stand is the one on her nose. I would love to rip it off.

I can get by with them on belly button, ears. But the nose drives me nutz.. Usually the local youth broad cashier will have one.

I am so tempted to rip them out.. Sorry just had to vent on this :D
Gotta agree with you. I understand that everyone has different tastes, but nose rings, brow rings, lip, under the mouth pins that kind of stuff is just ugly. Especially when a pretty girl goes and does that. Do you want to be stuck with that when you're older and more mature? How do people do that and handle it when it's time to get a job where you HAVE to be presentable to be taken seriously?
To each there own, no harm intended. I just don't get it.
You have to attach the leash somewhere the nose is as good as any but I prefer the belly ring.
I think Denni sLeary said it best: "just one more thing for your dad to grab you by when he's pissed at you."