Bone Stock One Owner LIMITED - 44K Miles

That's for sure, don't ever find them without the chip pulled and that one is factory fresh and unmolested.

All the nice cars are a million miles away.

Good luck on the sale sir!
An interested party asked me if the car still had the stock chip in it. Knowing the owner, I knew it would but I decided to have a little looksee anyways. I figured I had my answer when the little plastic push pin holding the kick panel in place was brand new and hard to remove. And I knew for sure when I had to actually use a flathead screwdriver to pry the cover off the ECM as the foam on the cover had stuck to the case. Anyways, here's what I found. I haven't seen one of these in awhile...



We've known each other for quite some time on the list. I'm VERY interested in your D-84 Limited. Is it still for sale? If you want $15,000 for it consider it sold. We both know our affinity for original relics of our cars and I'm VERY interested in what you have. Hit me up with a PM if you're interested in liquidating something in your collection.

- Dean
Hi Dean,

I'm really sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. I never saw your post here. This car is sold, although I still have it. I reached an agreement with a very nice fellow last Spring. He left a large deposit at his insistence, and is to pick it up around May. It's going to Arizona I believe, and I believe may be getting some lovin' at Nick Micale's shop. If anything happens with the deal I'll shoot you PM now that I know you're interested. Sad thing is the car is from Clarkson, MI. I can't believe you never saw it before.

The white car will be listed in the next couple of weeks. It's a nice car now that most of the crap has finally been sorted on it. It's not the type of car you'd be looking for though. That would be the Tan car. Cheers.