Boost control issues


Apr 25, 2012
First i would say over the past few months i have learned alot on this site. If not for it i would be lost. My 86gn is running great now and this site has helped alot in getting it right. Now i have a new problem. As long as i just drive the car everything is fine. If i go to mash on it the boost wants to go out if site. I have a 62/66 precision and 3 inch dp with external waste gate all purchased from full Throttle. I have the manual valve inside the car and printed the directions off the forum so its plumbed correctly. It doesnt matter which way you adjust the valve there still seems to be no control. Im thinking of purchasing a new control valve as mine maybe bad. Any thoughts? Send the comments
How big is the wastegate hole in the DP? How big is the wastegate hole in the turbo housing? What spring is in the wastegate?

Run the boost line direct to the bottom port of the wastegate. Leave the top port open. Go for a ride and see where the boost goes.