Boost Fluctuating

Kyle F

Addicted to Boost
Ok here is the deal I openh her up and fool boost comes in at about 3000RPM or so and as I pass 4000RPM the gage starts to fluctuate between 16 and 10psi. I dont have the turbo link hooked up to it yet. SO here is my question is it normal to see this happening or do I have somethign wrong. I don't feel like the cars is slowing down when the gage goes down as a matter of fact I dont feel anything at all so what gives?
If the car doesn't slow down, maybe a vacuam leak to the guage, causing the bad reading. Hook up that Turbolink, it will tell you what the boost is if it has that option, then you will know what boost you are really running. As for the adj wg, the solenoid will be sold seperately.
NO you wont get that with a new wastegate actuator.

Just unplug it and check boost again it will be whatever your sring rate is on your actuator.

Plug the line going to the electronic wastegate