Boost Problem


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Dec 18, 2009
I had purchased a brand new standard boost adjustable actuator, I cant get my boost lower than 17-18lbs, I thought I might have gotten a high boost actuator by mistake but the vendor insured me that was impossible.Has anyone ever had this problem,I want to start to tune my car at a lower boost level and work my way up.I am all ready getting knock with the rod on the actuator adjusted all the way out.Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,ikle.
With regards to your wastegate actuator and the hoses, are you still using the factory wastegate solenoid. I see that you have a Turbo Tweak chip in your combo sig.

If you are, and the standard spring actuator is adjusted out so that you barely have to pull on it to install it, my bet is the wastegate duty cycle in the chip is commanding higher boost. But, we need to know how your actuator hoses are hooked up and if you're using the solenoid or not?

Let us know.

Hi Patrick,I am using the factory stock solenoid,the vac hose from the solenoid goes to a Y fitting,on the straight port of the Y fitting a vac hose goes to the compressor side of the turbo,the angle port of the Y fitting goes to the actuator.I did replace the vac hose from the compressor side of the turbo to the Y fitting with a regular piece of vac hose which looks like the same diameter as the old one.Will this have anything to do with my problem or could my problem be the adjustable actuator its self.Thanks for helping out,ikle.
Patrick on the receipt I got from TT it says intended max boost for this chip is 16-18lbs.Thanks, ikle.