Bosch Green Tops? (or other 42lbers)


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Sep 29, 2005
I'm planning to upgrade my fuel system before summer arrives. I gave myself a little room to grow by calculating for 315 HP for the handful of horsepower I might gain with some mods in the coming weeks, and it looks like I'd want to run 42 lb injectors.

I see the Green Tops on eBay advertised as Ford Racing injectors, but the auctions also mention Corvettes and Camaros. Would they work in a GN? If not, anyone know any 42lbers that will work?

Also, will a chip like the Extender Chip from FullThrottle come programmed with your injector information to calibrate the ECM? Or would I have to take it somewhere to have some code written to account for the new injectors?

009 injectors,which is what I think you are referring to, are supposed to flow 42.5 lb/hr at something like 45psi.They are disc style, less likely to get crudded up.You will need a dedicated chip to handle them, don't try without it.They are very streetable,but you will need a proper pump and adjustable regulator to handle them. Go for a Walbro 340, and install the hotwire kit!
This setup is out there used all the time, and you can get some great deals, as none of us is ever happy with the status quo, always trying new things! If you want to go new,try Racetronix. These guys have great stuff; the hotwire kit is top notch. Good prices too. Good luck!
Yeah I'm still deciding on the other parts i.e. pumps and regulators. I was actually at the racetronix site last night, they do indeed have a really nice kit for only $140.

I'm not familiar with this dedicated chip you're talking about. Where would I get one and how much is it going to cost?

Doesn't Racetronix have a chip for these? If not, Poston, Kirban ,etc can help.Poston's ultrachip is only $170 or so. Cheap, compared to what they get for reprogramming stuff for the new cars. I have a buddy with an srt10 dodge who is considering spending $500 on a reprogram. Jeez..... Get ahold of Poston, and get a catalog, or do it online. As always, good luck, and keep the responses coming...

I had a set of 009 for awhile loved them . Good driveability smooth idle no problem when i had them in the high 90%duty cycle .Over all good injector in my opinion. Wasn't very happy with the Casper ultra chip had stupid little problems with thumb wheel and not communicating .I would go with burned chip for your car .
The Bosch Greentops are Ferd Lightning injectors.

They work just fine and from what I've read and seen over the years work better than 009's.

Full Throttle and Turbotweak make good chips for them.

I had them on both my cars but upgraded one car to 55's.

Your extender can be reprogrammed by them to work just fine, assuming they are Bosch 42lb. or 42.5lb. greentops.

The part number should be around here with the search feature. :)

Good to around 400RWHP at 100%DC with pump gas and alky.